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For more than 19 years, Luxfil factories have produced an entire range of high-quality films for automobile and building windows. The latest technologies allow Luxfil films to be the permanent leader in the BETTER price segment

Heat cut rate 99.9%, sputtering method
The Real Heat Reflective Tinting Film Luxfil Patented thermal barrier film, No.1 Total Care Luxfil 99% protection against infrared and ultraviolet rays, pest control, and even vision protection!
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Auto Film

By blocking more than 99.9% of the near-infrared region, which has the strongest heat among solar heat, the visible light transmittance is increased to maintain visibility while maintaining transparency

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Building Film

Not only glare, but also visible light at wavelengths between 380 and 500 nanometers. Prolonged exposure can cause eye fatigue as well as dry eyes. Protect your health

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Special Film

The total insect repellent function is a special film with the best insect repellent performance in Korea.

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Luxfil was first launched overseas in 2011 and has been recognized as the best quality among vehicle experts from around the world. With the advanced technology of Luxfil, which has specialized in producing only window film, Luxfil, which has been established as the best brand in the overseas market, is newly introduced to domestic consumers in 2016.

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Our branches

USA manufactory and Main American Office

Manufacturing Plant Ⅰ in USA is the place where Luxfil Research & Development center is located and where sputter facilities and coating lines are in 24/7 full operation. This is the place that FIRSTCLASS, the aggregate of ultra-precision technologies, is produced.

from the office the film is officially delivered to these countries

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South-Korean Factories and Main Asian Office

Manufacturing Plant Ⅱ in South Korea is the place where Luxfil’s main manufacturing facilities are concentrated in and where Nexfil films are produced to satisfy the various needs of customers in more than 60 countries. In addition, this is the place that the fastest coating facilities working at full capacity and front edge Vacuumed Metal Coaters are located and where raw materials needed for production are produced and managed.

from the office the film is officially delivered to these countries

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Main European warehouse

Luxfil is a fully vertical window film manufacturer that makes every component that goes into our films. With distribution in on 5 continents, including company-owned centers in the United States, Bulgaria and Korea, Luxfil’s film network spans the globe and provides efficiency and reduced costs to any location in the world, bringing you the most economically priced films on the market today.
The European office for the convenience of logistics is located in the sea capital and the largest port of Bulgaria-Varna

from the office the film is officially delivered to these countries

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Our Specialization

Since its foundation, Luxfi has been exporting more than 95% of its product production to more than 60 countries around the world, and it has achieved cumulative exports of more than $ 400 million in exports to date, and is the best export efficacy brand in its industry . We have
branch offices in the United States and China, the largest markets in the world, to maximize local sales. In 2019, we have branch offices in Europe, covering all regions of Europe and the Middle East

Carbon Tinting Film

Carbon Luxfil film is made from the original transparent PET, which are produced by finely dispersed carbon sputtering. Thus carbon window films have an excellent appearance and outstanding performance, without color changes over the years.

Mirror Window Film

Silver Film is one of the most popular Luxfil products manufactured from state-of-the-art vacuum evaporation coating facility in that it has unmatchable heat rejection properties and highly economical price.

Nanoceramic Tinting Film

Luxfil's Ceramic Film (Infrared Radiation Film) shields detrimental ultraviolet rays and the radiant heat of infrared lights from solar energy. Ceramic Film blocks up to 99% of radiant energy of infrared lights and passes up to 65%-70% of visible rays.

Sputter Window Film

Sputter Films are produced by sputter coating, a sputter deposition process to cover a specimen with a thin layer of metal, and are widely used for buildings in developed markets such as U.S.


Safety Film is one of the products that we can proudly present to you because of its higher ultimate tensile strength and higher elongation. In addition, Luxfil's Safety Film can provide you a wide range of choice in that you can decide whether to add colors and heat rejection properties

Matte Window Film

Luxfil's Matte Film prevents oxidation, a drawback of standard matte films, so it improves product life by a large margin. Matte Films are all available in models across the visible light zone.

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Our Construction Case

Our Korean factory produces a wide range of architectural and decorative paint for buildings, door interiors, offices, both exterior and interior

The Luxfil film production plant is the largest enterprise in Korea in the segment of high-tech film production, so the products are widely used for installation at government offices and the largest facilities in business buildings, which confirms the high quality of the products and the trust of the state in the manufacturer

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