About Us

Luxfil, a company that always does it’s best to produce the highest quality film, promises to deliver the finest quality

Our Story

In 2001, NEXFIL, Korea’s largest automotive and architectural film factory, launched LUXFIL, the domestic premium direct management brand, and introduced various products to customers. A premium manufacturer, located in the USA, in California, has been built and is operating to produce special films for Europe in accordance with all requirements and quality standards of the European Union.  Luxfil enhances its luxury brand image with superior product features and direct management services. Luxfil will do more to make consumer interests and choices new conceptual window films without jeopardizing reality.


What We Offer

Luxfil is a premium window film manufacturer that has been exceptionally proven in the field of window film manufacturing and technology research and overseas distribution based in  the United States and in Korea for the past 20 years.

World-leading performance

We are the first in the world to succeed in developing a window film that blocks 99.9% of the near-infrared region , which has stronger heat than visible light or ultraviolet light, and is proud of the best performance among thermal barrier film producers .

The best technology produced in state-of-the-art equipment

We have facilities that can produce all existing window films such as sputter, chipdide, ceramic, silver, safety film, etc., so that we can produce various performance and colorful window films.

USA/Europe/Asia International Network

LUXFIL is a globally proven window film manufacturer specializing in distribution and service networks in more than 60 countries around the world , with offices located in the United States/Asia/Europe based in California

Overwhelming durability multi-layer structure manufacturing method

By applying the unique patented multi-layered sputtering method, we manufacture a high-performance window film that overcomes the mirror phenomenon of the general sputtering method.

we create unique films that determine the direction of development of the tinting market

and you can become part of this wonderful business