Sputtering Method

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The most ideal window film manufacturing sputtering method with the best thermal insulation performance

The method of coating a thin film of metallic components on the film surface in an atomic state in a vacuum is called a sputtering method.
Luxfil Sputter Film is a window film manufactured using this sputtering method. In addition, Luxfil sputter film has differentiated color and best thermal barrier performance by coating various metals including rare metals on the film through many years of technology. Currently, the sputtering method is regarded as a virtual ideal window film manufacturing method, and it is popular enough to construct sputter-type window films in most buildings in developed countries.


Luxfil sputter film boasts the best performance created by the sputtering method

The Luxfil sputter thermal barrier film actually improves the external reflectance that reflects heat, thereby exhibiting an excellent thermal barrier effect, and since the amount of heat absorbed from the film is relatively small, the amount of heat released again is also reduced. When the external reflectivity increases, a mirror phenomenon that reflects like a mirror appears. Luxfil’s sputter products are made of multi-layer coating of rare metals to increase the actual reflectance but reduce the visual reflectance to reduce the mirror phenomenon and make the appearance more luxurious. In addition, it has excellent visibility due to the fine coating sputtering method.